Exploring Learner Autonomy Around the Globe



LASIG is the Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group which is part of IATEFL, the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

Since its foundation by a small group of devotees in 1986, LASIG has greatly expanded its network, bringing together scholars, researchers, teachers, learning advisors and teacher educators who are all equally interested in autonomy in language learning.

LASIG’s areas of interest include a variety of spheres related to the implementation of language learner autonomy, such as learner differences, learning styles and learning strategies, motivation, the use of technology and multimedia, out-of-class language learning, lifelong learning, multiculturalism and cultural diversity.

The LASIG committee thought the time had come to set up a blog, exploiting the platform to provide further exploratory possibilities for a plethora of experiences related to autonomy in language learning. It’s an opportunity for those with field-specific interests to contribute by sharing narratives of personal experience and of a free exchange of related ideas, activities and resources.

The posts will be written by LASIG members, but not exclusively. Through the blog, we hope to give voice to those who have experienced learner autonomy in their professional or academic life and at the same time to give readers ideas to take inspiration from and to reflect upon. Moreover, some of the posts will be written by students, who will offer insight upon their experience of language learner autonomy.

Through the writers’ reflections and personal narratives of autonomy, the blog offers a great opportunity to connect globally and cross-culturally and to explore the fascinating world of Learner Autonomy from a wide variety of perspectives.

Posts will be published periodically, starting in early 2018.

If you’d like to contribute, please email the blog editors, Micòl and Sandro (contact details below).

We are looking forward to walking down the path of language learner autonomy with you!

Micòl Beseghi, University of Parma


Sandro John Amendolara, University of Helsinki



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