The blog

The LASIG blog wants to promote an intercultural dialogue about Learner Autonomy in Language Learning. Its main purpose is to create a cross-cultural network of people who are willing to discuss, share and reflect upon the different dimensions of Learner Autonomy.

This blog is for those of you who, like its editors, are as curious about culture as you are about the fascinating world of Learner Autonomy.

Researchers, teachers, language advisors and students from all over the world are invited to contribute.


The editors

Sandro John Amendolara, University of Helsinki

Sandro John Amendolara teaches Autonomous Language Learning Modules (ALMS), Intercultural-Communication and Academic Writing to Masters and Doctoral students. He has been involved in the field of Language Leaner Autonomy for over a decade.

Micòl Beseghi, University of Parma

Micòl Beseghi teaches Translation and English as a Foreign Language at the University of Parma. She is also a Language Advisor at the Language Centre, where she organizes personalized learning paths for students of English.

Both editors are members of the LASIG committee.